The Guy In The Cowboy Hat

Hello my lovelies,

I recently quit my job at a marvelous shoe store. My only regret? Not talking to Cowboy Hat.

Ok in all due honesty the job sucked. The people sucked even harder. It was the worst time of my life, but on to bigger and better things. I wouldn’t quit without having something else up my sleeve of course.

Cowboy hat and I exchanged hellos and polite smiles here and there when he would make his rounds in my store, did I mention he was security?

I’m the most shy person I know. There was no way a conversation would strike up, let alone hold up. So I kept to myself, naturally. Now I live in the part of my head that questions “What if?”

Word of advise lovelies? Take a chance, or live your life regretting everything you don’t try.

Short and sweet.

Truly Yours, Jona Constantine

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